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How to e-Foil step-by step?

Before hitting the water, you'll sign our liability and risk agreement. We'll quickly introduce you to the eFoil's components and assembly basics, cover key safety guidelines, and determine your stance—left leg (regular) or right leg (goofy)—for a tailored ride.


Beach Yoga

Dry Exercises

Before hitting the waves, we'll guide you through essential dry exercises on land. Learn the basics of board positioning, weight shifting, and proper stance using a practice board on grass. We'll also teach you the art of falling safely—yes, it's a skill! Opt for a controlled jump off the board rather than clinging on till the last moment. Our team is always nearby for assistance. We'll also introduce you to the remote control's functions and help you find your ideal speed setting. Start slow and soar high with our eFoil lessons!


Off into the water

Time to make a splash! Learn the ropes of waterstart, a crucial skill regardless of your experience level. Swim beside the eFoil, being cautious not to kick its underwater wings. Our instructors will guide you through each step to ensure safety. Mount the eFoil from the side, sliding forward just enough to keep the board's tip—and its Bluetooth antenna—above water for secure remote control connection. Safety is our priority, so attentive listening to instructors is key.

Dubai Skyline eFoil


Body Board e Foil

Lying Down

Begin your eFoil journey at the lowest speed while lying down. Get a feel for the board's reaction to acceleration; the tip tends to rise, so lean forward to counteract it. Braking? Lean back to avoid a nose dive. The best way to adjust your position is by resting on your elbows and knees. You'll master this in no time. Gradually, we'll increase the power, still in the lying-down position. Learn to steer and brake at full throttle, which varies based on rider weight. We'll keep practicing until you're confident.


On you Knees

Move to your knees, keeping full throttle to avoid tipping. Use the 'dog position' for control and practice laps. Choose between kneeling or standing for lift-off, shifting weight back for takeoff. Keep the board parallel to the water. Start with brief flights, allowing time for speed recovery between landings.

Surfing at Sunset


eFoil Ride in UAE

Surfing standing up

Ready to stand? Start in the 'dog position' at a steady speed. Place your front foot where your knee was, leaning forward to prevent lift-off. Keep speed constant as you rise, using hands to push the board down if needed. Your stance should be at a 45-degree angle to the direction of travel.

Practice surface laps for control and safe turns. If unstable, jump off to the side or back, avoiding the underwater wing. Respect the eFoil's power and listen to your instructor for a safe, thrilling ride.


The first flight

Your first true flight comes standing up, similar to the kneeling takeoff. Maintain throttle and gradually shift weight back. Foot positioning varies by rider weight; aim for a comfortable, upright posture in the air. To adjust, lean forward and shift feet in a zigzag pattern, guided by your trainer via radio.

Start with short flights, allowing time for speed recovery between landings. If unstable, lean forward to touch down safely. Remember, landing is about weight shift, not releasing throttle. As you get the hang of it, your flight durations will extend, offering a more secure and thrilling eFoil experience.

eFoil Ballerina
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